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How to Turn Your Relationship into a Successful Marriage

If you and your partner want to be apart of the 50% of couples who do marriage right then this program is for you

This  program takes the guess work out of creating a successful marriage and will help you and your fiance build your marriage on proven principles for marriage success.


In this 8 week program you will discover:

  1.  The research findings regarding what makes marriages work 
  2.  The 7 Principles for making marriage work and how to implement these skills into your relationship
  3. How to keep your marriage on the right track
  4. And much, much more

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The 7 Principles Couples Program Goals

The aim of the 7 Principles Couples Program is to provide you and your partner with practical tools to enhance and improve your relationship while understanding  the research-based foundation from which the tools are derived.

This program does not provide psychotherapy nor is it intended to take the place of marital/couples therapy, but it does provide practical skills in a psycho-educational format that can help you and your partner strengthen your relationship.

The main goal of this program is to help you and your partner strengthen your relationship in a variety of ways including: deepening your love maps, fostering fondness and admiration for one another, turn toward instead of away from each other, accept influence from each other, solve your solvable problems, avoid getting stuck on problems and stop existing in your relationship and move toward creating shared meaning. 


We know making this type of financial investment and commitment is scary. We also understand that there are probably a number of thoughts going on through your mind making you want to leave this site and keep looking. We encourage you to TAKE ACTION! If you have questions about our program just click on the HOME tab and scroll down to the bottom of the page  and ask.  Life is too short to just hope and wish that your  marriage will be different. Make sure it is.