Frequently Asked Questions


Will we have to share our personal problems and issues with the class?

No. The sessions do not include sharing problems or issues publicly.

Must both partners attend or can I come alone?

Since the class involves couples doing excercises together, both partners must attend.

My partner isn't a reader. Can we still participate in the program if he/she wont read the book?

Yes. While the book provides very valuable information, the session lectures will summarize the content of the book. Each partner will also receive a Couples Guide when you register for an 8, 6 or 4 session program that will help you complete couples exercises more efficiently.

Should we do the excercises in the book at home or save them for the sessions?

The sessions will involve doing some of the excercises from the book so doing them first at home would duplicate some of them. Your 7 principles Couples [program leader will role play how to-and how not to-do some of the exercises in order to help you and your partner to get the most out of each exercise. There are some excercises in the book that the there will not be enough time to do in session. When that occurs, we encourage you and your partner to do the excercises at home after the corresponding chapter has been covered in the session.

How many couples will be present in each session?

The maximum number of couples allowed in a session is 3 due to space availability.  Couples are encouraged to register for the program they are interested in A.S.A.P as space is limited.