The 7 Principles 8 Week Full Couples Program

Maximum relationship benefit


The 7 Principles 8 Week Couples Program  covers all the material in the Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work book.  This program is for couples, engaged couples and married couples.

Full Program Topics


Definitely not an exhaustive list of all that you will learn in the 7 Principles 8 Week Full Couples Program but some of the information introduced includes: 

-An overview of Dr John Gottman's 4 decade research and findings regarding what makes relationships work

 -argument management skills 

- learn all the 7 principles for making marriage work and how to implement principles practically into their relationship

-learn how to  implement conflict management skills into their relationship

- problem solving will be introduced and skills will be taught in enhance  implemention into the relationship 

- overcoming gridlock 

-and creating shared meaning



The 7 Principles 8 Week Full Couples Priogram provides couples with extra skill building tools such as videos on  the Seven Principles by Dr John Gottman and The Gottman Institute. Get introduced to extra group and couple exercises to enhance skill implementation and increase achieved relationship gains. You and your partner will have access to a follow-up session 6 months after your program graduation date to determine progress and maintenance of achieved relationship gains.  Not to mentioneach partner will receive the Seven Brinciples for making Marriage Work book by John Gottman Ph.D. and the Seven Principles for making Marriage Work Couples Guide workbook.

Where Do I Sign Up?


 If you are interested in the 7 Principles 8 Week  FULL Couples Program, please press the action button below. You will be taken to our scheduling page where you will select The 7 Principles Couples Program 8 weeks hyperlink, select the desired date and time of the event and proceed to follow the prompts to register for and purchase the program. Once the program is purchased, you will be provided with more information regarding the event.   

What to Expect on Event Day


 Please arrive 15 minutes early on event day to register, get settled into the group room. and receive your program materials. If you choose to park in the on site parking structure, The Hubb, or a surrounding parking area, once you arrive to the courtyard of our office building you will be greeted in the courtyard by one of our youth volunteers from our Volunteer Youth program. You and your partner will be escorted to the 3rd floor where you will sign in, be taken to the group room and provided with your program materials. Snacks and refreshments will be available to you throughout the event. Parking will be validated for a discounted price when available.   




If you or your partner still have questions, click on the action button below and send us a quick e-mail. We will be happy to answer any questions you or your partner may have. 

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