The 7 Principles 6 Week Couples Program

Program Purpose


The 7 Principles 6 Week Couples Program is for couples, engaged couples and married couples who want to know what it means to create shared meaning in their relationship and how to maintain achieved relationship gains. 



This program begins with an overview of the 4 decade research conducted by Dr. John Gottman that birthed the Seven Principles that Make Marriage Work. Couples will learn what the foundation of a healthy relationship consistes of and how to build a strong foundation within their relationship. Couples will also learn about bids for connection and the importance of acknowledging your partner in a relationship.

Topics cont...


In addition, you and your partner will learn conflict management skills and how to effectively implement them into your relationship.  Lastly, you and your partner will learn about an important directional tool for your relationship legacy, creating shared meaning.

The skills being offered in this program are very integral in setting the  pathway for a successful, happy, effective relationship.

How to get started


 If you are interested in the 7 Principles 6 Week  Couples Program please press the action button below. You will be taken to our scheduling page where you will select The 7 Principles Couples Program 6 weeks, select the desired date and time of the event and proceed to follow the prompts to register for and purchase the program. Once the program is purchased, you will be provided with more information regarding the event.  


Event Day


 Please arrive 15 minutes early on event day to register, get settled into the group room. and receive your program materials. If you choose to park in the on site parking structure, The Hubb, or a surrounding parking area, once you arrive to the courtyard of our office building you will be greeted in the courtyard by one of our youth volunteers from our Volunteer Youth program. You and your partner will be escorted to the 3rd floor where you will sign in, be taken to the group room and provided with your program materials. Snacks and refreshments will be available to you throughout the event. Parking will be validated for a discounted price when available.  



If you or your partner still have questions, click on the action button below and send us a quick e-mail. We will be happy to answer any questions you or your partner may have. 


 On event day, couples will receive  a copy of the Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work book and a Seven Principles Couples  Guide Workbook. These materials will enhance your learning by giving you access to the Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work book anytime and a Workbook to work on the relationship building exercises at home.