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Live Premarital Counseling Workshop Bootcamp

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The Premarital Counseling Workshop Bootcamp

Beginning in March 2020 at our Long Beach office.

Call us at 562-740-9052 to secure your spot. Space is limited. Don't wait.

Event Topics


-The Truth About Happy Marriages

-What Does Make Marriage Work?

-How research lead to predicted divorce

-The Importance of Love maps and how to enhance them

-Turning Toward vs Turning Away from you partner

-Solve Your Solvable Problems

-Overcome Conflict Gridlock

-Creating Shared Meaning in Your Marriage

What you will learn


-What research has revealed as the secrets to marital success

-How research on marital success and failure allowed psychologists to be able to predict divorce with 91-94% accuracy

-The 4 main behavioral/communication predictors of divorce and what to do if they are alive in your relationship

-The foundation of a good relationship and how to straighten yours

-The 7 Principles for making marriage work and how to incorporate/strengthen them in your relationship

Benefits of attending event


-Knowledge of what has been revealed through research about what makes marriages success

-An opportunity to reflect on your relationship, identify any areas of improvement and learn the skills needed to enhance that area

-Decrease your chances of marital demise by atleast 30%

-Increased Faith that you are setting your marital future on a path of marital success

What you will receive during and after the event


-A Couples Workbook filled with all the relationship building interventions and exercises introduced during the event

-Guided instruction by a trained licensed Marriage and Family Therapist on how to carryout the interventions and exercises and how to incorporate them into your relationship

-Biblical references guide to all interventions and exercises introduced

-A Certificate of Completion for attending, participating in and completing Premarital Counseling

Premarital Counseling Workshop Bootcamp FAQs


1) Will we have to share our personal problems and issues during the workshop?

No. This is a psychoeducational event and does not include sharing problems or issues publicly. Event facilitator will also not counsel you on personal problems

2) Must Both partners attend or can I come alone?

Since the event involves couples doing exercises together, both partners must attend and be open to participating

3) How much will this event cost me?

$497 plus tax and fees. Don't worry, we have taken on all the risk for the financial investment into your marital success. We are offering a Full Refund if you attend the event and determine you do not like what your hearing by the lunch break. Simply let us know during the break that you would like a refund and we will begin the processing of your refund. No questions asked.

Our Services

Premarital Counseling Workshop Boot Camp


Save time and money while learning the principles needed to  build your marriage on a solid foundation.

This 6 hour workshop will teach you and your partner:

-The Truth About Happy Marriages

-What Makes Marriages Work According to Research

-Behaviors that predicted divorce with 91% accuracy

-Foundational Principles that build a strong marital structure

This Workshop will also help you meet your Premarital Counseling  requirement which is usually recommended before the commencement of a marriage ceremony

*Boot Camp Workshops are live and in-person

Private Premarital Counseling


If you and your partner are more traditional and would like to meet with a therapist privately for premarital counseling then this option is for you.

We offer evening appointments for busy couples who want to invest in their marriage before they tie the knot.

Tailor your premarital counseling sessions to fit your relationship needs and budget.

Choose from our 2, 4, or 6 session premarital counseling options. 

Marriage Counseling


Marriage getting tough? We understand. Let us help. We know you're doing all you can to make things better. Sometimes we just need a little guidance.

 We specialize in Gottman Method Couples Therapy so the work we do with you and your spouse comes from decades of research on what marriages need to thrive and how to implement those skills into your own marriage.

The first thing we do is assess your relationship to determine straights and problem areas. Then we collaborate  with you and your spouse to develop a treatment plan so were all on the same page and know where our journey together begins and ends.

What is Telehealth Couples Counseling?

Telehealth offers you and your partner the opportunity to work on or prepare for marriage via video over the internet.

FREE Couples Counseling Consultation via Telehealth

Experience our telehealth video chat service, discuss your reason for seeking services, get your questions answered and find out how we can help you meet your relationship goals!

Just click on the "Schedule My Free Consultation" tab below. You will be taken to our secure scheduling page. Please select "I'm a new client" tab and follow the prompts to schedule your FREE Consultation.


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